This is just more evidence that marijuana needs to be legalized. If Michael-freaking-Phelps, a world champion swimmer who broke every swimming record that ever existed, is a toker then how much harm can it be causing? I hope these photos will make people realize that Cannabis sativa is not as bad as the government would like you to believe. He already got busted for a DUI and marijuana is way less dangerous than drinking. I’m surprised he’s using a bong. I would have guessed him as a vaporizer man since that would keep his lungs healthier.

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  • http://www.kqsurf.com Czeslaw Knobbe

    Michael Michael Michael what have you been thinking?
    Well _ I think its a few things that comes to my mind. I think it’s a shame. It’s an ignorance and arrogance.
    We understand as humans anyone can make mistakes but common!!!!
    We give the youth so much – money – fame – freedom.
    And what they doing with that?
    I think anyone who does something like this should be charged in the Court of Law no matter in what a Country you are in. If I do that, my ass goes to slammer immediately.
    If I get caught at work doing this or after work I lose my job (I am Mariner).
    One advice – Don’t give them too much too fast.
    The working hard – let them work harder.
    If they F&%@end up let them be charged and pay the consequences.
    He is an adult right?

    That’s my opinion.

  • Austin

    That’s your opinion and it’s wrong. Alcohol is much more dangerous than marijuana and there are several studies that would prove that. He’s a young guy that apparently smokes pot, who is he hurting? Obviously not his Olympic chances! He has been training in a way you will never know for his entire life, resulting in a magnificent performance in China, why blame the guy for living it up. He has probably given up a lot to fulfill his dream. In any case I understand marijuana is the least of my concerns when it comes to drugs. At least he was caught smoking marijuana instead of shooting up on steroids.

  • http://CNN Linda Waller

    So what if the greatest Olympic gold medalist in the world smoked a little pot? Who cares? He deserves to relax! give him a break. We need to legalize marijuana. It’s the largest cash crop in America. Legalize it and tax it and quit wasting money (billions) trying to fight it. It’s a lost cause and there’s nothing wrong with it anyway. I’m 58, well educated and have smoked it for years, as do my friends who are all professionals. It’s ridiculous to make anybody feel ashamed that they smoked a little pot for fun. Get over it and leave this great sports figure alone! He didn’t do any thing morally wrong; it’s no different than having a beer or two.

  • Austin

    One more thing, with those lungs I bet Phelps can take the most ridiculous bong rips, haha.

  • busterbrown

    Austin and Linda: “Who cares”? Pot is not legal. It is against the law. If you want it legalized then get the law changed. I am tired of sniveling pot supporters why cry about people getting into trouble because they get caught using an illegal substance. Get over it. Phelps knew what he did was illegal and he is rightly getting flack over it. He got precisely what he deserved. Like I say, if you don’t like the law then get it changed – don’t use pitiful excuses to break it.

  • http://CNN Linda Waller

    Busterbrown: Pot has been de-criminalized many places. It’s not going away. Meth, crack, cocaine: yes it’s wrong. But pot is not as bad as alcohol. Nobody gets stoned and beats the crap out of their wife. Drunks do that. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to change the law because of ignorant folks like you. Marijuana, in the hands of responsible citizens who use it just to relax is not wrong. Go to Amsterdam. They don’t arrest people for using it and they don’t have the drug problem America has. I’m not making a pitiful excuse. I use it once in a while to relax. Drinking is too hard on my liver, so why not. I can buy it legally in California, so no excuses here, dude. Remember, always pass to the left! Chill out! I am a responsible hard working professional. You get drunk; I get high. But I probably get high less often than you get drunk. Get a life and stay out of other people’s business. You don’t run the world. Why do you care?

  • busterbrown

    Linda – let me clarify a few things for you:

    1) Pot is currently illegal – like it or not.
    2) I am condoning/supporting the misuse of alcohol.
    3) I do not get drunk – even though you blatantly accuse me of that.
    4) It follows, therefore, that I do not get high as much as you do.
    5) I do have a life and fully enjoy my life.

    You are wrong on so many counts that it is pointless continuing this exchange.

  • busterbrown

    Correcting (2) I am NOT condoning/supporting the misuse of alcohol.

  • ib42

    Where is true freedom most practiced? No, it’s not in the USA at all, not the UK either, contrary to a lot of hype. It’s in certain places in Europe. In the USA, everything is seen through thoroughly confused perspectives. No liquor store sell after 9. pm. (Texas). Liquor stores closed on Sunday, thanks to some antique, blue and ultimately hypocritical law. Then there’s all those billions involved in maintaining the status quo.

  • http://www.fabianquest.com Fabian

    I’m a lot more frightened of mindless supporters of “law and order” like busterbrown than I am of potheads. It was once against the law in this country to help escaped slaves; looking back, who was on the right side in that one? Same with segregation. I know lots of middle-class professionals who use marijuana and hold down jobs and pay taxes. I’ve also known people who have abused drugs and alcohol; they all had deep-seated emotional problems that required treatment. The abuse was a symptom, not a cause of their problems. Stop seeing the world in black and white.

  • Michael C.

    There are a bunch of moral stances one can take when the position to support or oppose marijuana is taken. If you are strict and believe that all laws are just and right and that they should be followed absolutely, then yes, marijuana is wrong. Personally, I don’t agree with every law to the same extent I wouldn’t agree with every person responsible for making them. A different moral stance might be to agree and align ones self with “what the people want”. This was clearly stated in california by proposition 420 (sic) which legalized marijuana on the state level. However, sometimes you can’t just go with the majority and you have to be true to yourself. (Slavery was a majority vote) My personal opinion is that more people die from abusing sugar (hence diabetic and obese) than do those from abusing marijuana. There is an ability to abuse ANY substance (prisoners occasionally drink huge amounts of water to throw off the bodies water balance and become “high”). I guess the point is that what may be right for others might not be right for you and this is the tenement of democracy and living in a free society. We all have the freedom to make choices. I personally believe the case is quite strong to legalize marijuana. I don’t stand for or against it for you, but believe that I should have the freedom of choice. I believe that you should have the freedom of choice, too.

  • yoyoyo

    Who cares? Michael Phelps smokes pot. How many “star” athletes drink? I’d take a pot head star over a drinker any day… you don’t beat your wife on pot… most of the time you don’t do crap other then play video games, and watch then Simpsons… so if the guy gets it done with a drug that is not physicaly addictive so what? No… pot makes you faster! Bull plop! Come on… the guy somked weed and still kicked the worlds butt… thats even more impressive… and supprorts the idea that booze is the real danger and drag on society, not illegal natural drugs. Those drugs are not dangerous and should be legal, sold, and taxed like ciggarates to generate money for nationalized health care. Then those drug users (and smokers) should be taxed more for the increased use of the heath care system they will need.

    Time to stop pretending and be realistic… we’re a substance abusing society, weather you want to call it booze, drugs, or oil… we’re addicted to things that are fun and relaxing, and make people feel good… why do people drive huge SUVs? Our psychological addiction to that power/addrenelin rush people feel when driving one… come on! Man I drive one, and a big truck… and a prius… there’s a difference…

    My point is…. let he who is guilt free cast the first stone… oh wait… 90% of America can’t throw? Yeah… ’nuff said.

  • i do it too

    he shouldn’t be apologizing for anything, its the government who should be apologizing to all of us for the 70 years of prohibition and all the lies.

  • ljbg

    dont worry, I talked to my boy and got him a prescription, so he has nothing to worry about

  • ljbg

    I honestly think saying 70% of professional athletes smoke pot is actually a low number. Not saying they smoke all the time, but at least 1-2 times a year. Now find somebody to confirm it

  • Clarity

    Why didn’t he just say “but I didn’t inhale.”
    If it worked for a president. . .

  • Austin

    Yes Clarity!

    I’m glad to see that most of us (besides busterbrown of course) can agree that marijuana should be legalized and be the lesser of our concerns when it comes to drugs/abuse. If majority rule actually took place marijuana would probably already be legal. The “white collar smoker” is very prevalent. If you use it recreationally, do your job properly, and don’t come high to work there is no reason you should not be able to do as you please.

    People bitch about pot when 50 years ago housewives were being given heroin by doctors.

  • Andrew H

    I used to smoke pot for fun growing up, then learned more about it and read the medical benefits it has and it wasn’t until what happened to my good friend Rob that made me strongly agree more so on the legalization of pot. My friend before meeting me used to have to take pills every day after having a really bad stomach ulcer (lost a lot of weight too). About a year after meeting me and smoking usually a joint every other day he had to go back to the dr for his regular check up to find out that the Pot had actually made him better then the pills have, and made it so he would no longer need to take pills. it’s cases like this that the gov’t doesn’t legalize pot because it helps people yet causes the pharmaceutical companies to lose money because pot is a cheaper and better solution. I also smoke to this day 10 years almost now started at the age of 13 and don’t regret it. I am still successful and work in the world of building IBM servers and HP servers. It’s what YOU do in between smoking pot that makes you a junkie or a somebody. and I personally get offended when I am lumped into 1 generalization of pot head because I can garuntee I am more successful and smarter then majority of some of you straight laced people out there.

  • mstrassasion

    come suck on my dick i love smoking pot

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