I saw this on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight and had to share it. Seymour Hersh unleashed a bombshell during a forum on America’s constitutional crisis held in Minnesota. He plans on releasing everything he’s discovered in a book he expects out in a year or two.

Does this mean that Cheney and Bush could be brought up on murder charges for ordering or being complacent in the illegal assassinations of people in over 10 countries? Who were the targets? If intelligence during the Bush-Cheney days was bad enough to be convinced that Saddam Hussein helped with 9/11 how could they be trusted enough to guarantee that the people killed were even guilty of anything? Aren’t these allegations enough to start an official investigation? Do we have to wait for this book to come out? As if torturing people wasn’t bad enough now we find out that Bush and Cheney were whacking people?! Is this finally the Bush administration scandal that will bring those sons of bitches to justice? I truly hope so. In the immortal words of Dr. Ben Marble, “Go fuck yourself Mr. Cheney.

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