pope_benedict_john_ratzingerDuring his visit to Africa, Pope Benedict reaffirmed the ban on condom use that has caused millions of people to be infected by the AIDS virus simply because they think Jesus wouldn’t approve of condom use. Fuck what Jesus thinks about it. People are DYING out there Mr. Ratzinger. Get your delusional head out of your ass and do something about it.


Posted by Ian, filed under Atheism, Thoughts. Date: March 18, 2009, 12:35 am | 58 Comments »

  • BIFF

    Why would he repeal the condom ban? the people that he is condemning are largely non-white, this fits nicely with his former nazi ways.

  • anon

    heaven forbid they could abstain from sex

  • Glenn

    Anon: Go fuck yourself you hypocritical chronic masturbator. Do you abstain from sex? Fuck you and the religious cock sucking horse you rode in on.

  • Dave ‘Cinzano Bianco’ Lister

    Amen, Glenn.

  • cory

    thank you glenn, i saw anon’s comment and almost had a fucking seizure. At least some people understand how stupid others are.

  • Zack

    Where is the content here? I agree with the author, but he really doesn’t bring anything new to the table. If I wanted to see someone call the pope names I’d go read PZ Myers or Dawkins’ blogs. Thanks for nothing though.

  • nonA

    They can abstain from sex, and they can not abstain from sex.
    But with a condom, the chance of passing AIDs has lessened.

    Some people are oblivious to the fact that they have AIDs. Some aren’t.

  • Justin

    FUCK YOUR GOD. don’t get aids because some half-wit in fancy robes says its a “sin.” hes a goddamn nazi anyways.

  • Cecelia

    Baby Names: The only thing the bible is good for.

    Well, at least they’ll be reading the bible x_X

    What moron bans condoms? >_O

  • John

    The one who the magical Sky Wizard has ordained to “save our souls.”

  • Altlan

    Rolling papers: Another use for the bible.

  • franc

    You’re all a bunch of fanatics as rabid as this guy. The only reason the Catholic Church bans condom use is because they don’t like the idea of sex for pleasure; only to conceive. Now, considering that the pope has no legal, economic, or any other form of authority than the symbolic, he is doing nothing more than furthering the symbolism for which he stands.

  • http://friendfeed.com/innomen Brandon M. Sergent

    @franc, except that his organization has spent millions insuring that the uneducated sub Saharan African masses pay attention to what this aging HJ has to say.

    The effect? People to this day being burnt alive for being witches, and the AIDS plague.

    You have a responsibility to consider the consequences of your speech when you know millions will emulate it.

    This is not fanaticism, it’s simply human truth. For the record, I’m a Deist.

  • Chueng Peng Lee

    ok franc

    So why doesn’t he just say that?

    Surely any sensible person who was strongly opposed to sex for pleasure would say something along the lines of

    “Guys! Don’t have sex for pleasure, k?!
    But if you REALLY HAVE to (and I will be super-pissed at you if you do), please PLEASE use a condom; it will prevent you getting HIV and other nasty things such as cockrot!”

    Only he doesn’t for one of 3 reasons:

    1. He wants you to get/doesn’t care if you get HIV
    2. He wants to bring even more poor souls into this already overcrowded realm to become his minions
    3. He doesn’t get any, so why should you?

    Think about it…if we never used condoms, we could only have sex when we wanted to conceive, thus we hardly have any sex….OR we just make a fuck loadsa babies.


  • anti-supernaturalist

    ** Condoms are just cover for that RC prick

    Benny16 is pro-BIRTH. An RC dogma once called pro-natalism. It’s an androcentric, completely misogynistic, demand that no impediment whatsoever on births be permitted by law.

    No chemical contraception: no pill, no spermacides. No barriers to conception: no IUD, no condoms. No abortions, not even in cases of rape, incest. Pro-natalism is the sexual sophistry of myriad fundies, Mormons, and the RC church.

    What happens to mother and child after birth is irrelevant since “God” will decide their fate or the “laws of nature” (social darwinsim) will then cull weak from strong.

    This sick religio-ideology is pro-mass-death: creating disease, poverty, and ignorance worldwide by fostering overpopulation, damning safe non-reproductive sex, and blocking responsible medical research.

    • The real issue is quality of life, not frequency of birth.

    Technological innovation in birth control should already have made ancient fears of Doomsday disappear. So, why has insane population growth continued, especially in America the wasteful, which added 100 million people in 37 years, rising to over 300 million today?

    Religious authoritarians demand that their moral absolutes be accepted. They will not tolerate an open society, a pluralist culture, or a secular state.

    Like their muslim brethren, authoritarian xians shudder at a technological world in which mental agility (regardless of ethnicity or gender) has replaced physical strength as a core measure of economic utility. This reordering of values strips away a core big-3 monotheist lie: god-ordained male supremacy.

    Xian ultra-rights, just like Islamic ultra-rights, demand racial “purity,” male dominated social control, subjugation of women, unquestioned acceptance of religious tyranny.

    Moral absolutists claim a right to use intimidation and violence to attain their goals. Moral absolutism is immoral through and through.

    Crush the infamy!


  • Harkonium

    I think anon is an idiot for trying to assume he knows what is best for the entire African nation’s “naughty bits”. ESPECIALLY considering that not everyone over there participates in western theology. Who are we to dictate the religious and behavioral practices of Africa’s populous. Its arrogant to think that the Catholic church’s opinion will change behavior on a mass scale in this day in age…

    If the Catholic church said that “exhaling through our mouth was a sin and that it helped to spread deadly disease brought to life from the Devil”…..I highly doubt it would effect the outcome of a natural bodily function (are we drawing any parallels here yet???). I see NO difference in the hypothetical example I just made up in comparison to the dim-witted notion that condoms makes the spread of AIDS worse.

    It’s comments like this that makes the world (in ever increasing numbers i might add) simply watch the Pope as opposed to gain moral guidance from him. The church is loosing members, the church is shrinking, and its comments like this – which will kill more than it will bring to any kind of salvation -that will bring the church to its knees…and I DON’T mean praying.

    IS abstinence an option…yes…but I feel allowing the impression that condoms make the AIDS problem worse is NOT an option!

  • what_he_said

    anti-supernaturalist: well put. It was a pleasure to read.

  • http://www.avaaz.org/en/pope_benedict_petition Shanness

    Get over and sign the Avaaz petition against this pope’s highly immoral and unethical statement.

  • Ni

    The pope (and all popes before him) is EEEEEVIL!!!

    My wife’s a catholic, and she insists on condom use, despite what the church says, so there…

  • Samson

    @Ni, Makes sense. I’m sure your wife knows better than the pope.

  • Jim

    Natural selection, those too dumb to make their own choices concerning their own health increase their odds of dying. Ironic the pope would be a vehicle for evolution.

  • phillydrifter

    Great. Another cult.

  • guitarMan666
  • http://www.doomsayer.org hairball

    Those who follow are being led. Those with power bend it to their agenda. You’d think the catholic church would hsave disssolved by now with all of the pedophilia. Perhaps this is just a way to make less children so the temptation of screwing poor people won’t exist.

  • http://www.doomsayer.org hairball

    guitarMan666 – don’t forget third world countries have poor medical systems and that many cases can result from dirty needles/poor operating conditions.

  • the green bastard

    to franc (no. 12)

    “The only reason the Catholic Church bans condom use is because they don’t like the idea of sex for pleasure; only to conceive.”
    We all know that. We take this as a given.

    They think sex is equivalent to surgery – unpleasant but neccessary, and anyone who does it without an express need i.e. to reproduce (or cure whatever, with surgery) is clearly abnormal i.e. a sinner (because to catholics, a sinner is anyone who gives even the slightest hint they are different from them – I used to be a catholic as a child.)

    The reason this is such a controversial issue is because the pope is indirectly admitting that people are having loads of extra marital sex and there’s nothing he or his what-we-would-call-schizophrenia-created-pal can do about it. Apart from the obvious – the sinful sex and the killing of small balls of cells which apparently are actual people, which we have heard so often we all know the reality – THIS is the underlying issue.

    If there was NO sex before marriage, but condoms existed, I seriously doubt whether the church would even make headlines by commenting on it.

  • Person

    If you should only have sex with the intent of procreation, then why don’t they make a big deal about strictly allowing intercourse to occur during ovulation- the only time conception is possible??

  • http://www.iansbrain.com Ian

    @ Person

    because that would make to much sense and religion isn’t about making sense. its about making cents.

  • the green bastard


    You can get pregnant whether you’re on your period or not. Part of the process of life.

  • Sporbie

    I really couldn’t give two shits about the people that actually abide to those bans, it’s because of their own stupidity they are dying.

  • Anon

    Haha I love when a bunch of atheists sit around and circle jerk while talking about how smart they are and how evil religions are.

  • Daveo

    Is the pope a doctor? I think not. Listening to this crackpot former nazi would be like believing the Russians fly over Alaska. It may happen, but it is not the real issue.

  • Loki

    Let’s preach to the choir. Hallelujahs all around for I have a story to tell. Non-christians say they are oppressed by christians and that christians are deluded idiots. Christians use this to further think they are still persecuted and take solace in the fact all non-christians are going to hell. So children, what shall we learn from this? Nothing because WW3 will be fought between the religious and nonreligious, achieving nothing. Fools!

  • Mueleski

    First off, I don’t believe the Pope is anyone special spiritually, but is the head of the Catholic organization. But reading most of the inputs on this page hurt. So much hate. The bile being written as an attempt at intelligent argument is typical juvenile atheistic prose. If there is no God, then we really have no purpose, no real reason to exist and to keep on existing–after all, we are just the result of an explosion. There is no morality. Who cares then if an entire continent dies of AIDS or anything else.

  • casey

    @ Mueleski:

    Where do you get the idea that atheists have no morality? So much hate in that concept. The bile being written by you as an attempt at intelligent argument is typical juvenile christian prose [sic]. It’s a canard. Morality is a human endeavor, co-opted by the religious long ago and ascribed to the authorship of their various imagined deities. Now, go stone a disobedient child, like your Bible tells you to.

  • casey


    I never noticed the choir. Maybe you could point it out to me. I suppose your solution is to sit on your lazy ass and allow religion to continue its infiltration of secular governments the world over. Maybe when sharia law is declared in your neighborhood and you see your freedoms dissolving in front of your eyes, maybe then you will wake from your apathetic stupor. Maybe when you fall victim to some disease, the cure for which is being resisted by powerful lobbies of the superstitious, maybe then you will take notice. It’s easy to sit on your ass and sanctimoniously proclaim to be a pacifist. It takes a bit more effort to know what the fuck is going on around you.

  • Loki

    generally I don’t comment twice, but you calling me a pacifist was too much to pass up. Would you rather be ruled by religion or science? Eugenics maybe? Let’s see who is there to defend your rights when science decides that we should make sure no child is born that is not perfect. Is that what you want? Let’s expand the life expectancy and cure every disease, then let’s see what happens when the world becomes so over populated, euthanasia is the only alternative. It is easy to use the weapons of reason and rationality, but it is very difficult to control them. Btw, the choir means anti-christians spouting out their hate and frustration on anti-christian sites.

  • krusty

    I don’t think this is really a problem… if you really obey what he says, you’re not having sex with random people anyway.

  • Seinfornein

    The Fuher (or Palpatine) is a Stupid Nazi jajajaja

  • Miguel

    He says that because he doesn’t fucks… well, at least he’s suposed to don’t fuck.

    But anyway Jesus wouldn’t think that way, he would aprove condom use.

  • Bradley Kisia

    I am an black African in Africa and have been around for about 40 years; I am also married. I was around when AIDS hit us, I heard all the messages of condoms and ‘safe’ sex. You know what has happened now, like in Kenya where I live, most of those dying are in marriages… more married couples are dying from AIDS, and guess what … the condom business is doing pretty well these days.

    Pope Benedict is right … abstinence is a surer way of fighting AIDS. If you cannot do that; if you cannot imagine people trying to abstain, then the problem is not Pope Benedicts but yours because you refuse to believe that all is possible.

  • Russ from Peacehaven

    It just goes to show, you can’t be too careful.

  • raetsel

    at least it’s the religious who will be going? :p *waves*

  • raetsel

    ..and anyway – shouldn’t your god not have you get aids in the first place? why would a pope approve of condom use if getting aids is god’s will/punishment/whatever for you anyway?

  • http://www.iansbrain.com Ian

    Do you seriously think you can get an entire country to stop having sex? If so, you are delusional. Yes, not having sex is the only way to be 100% sure you’re not going to get AIDS that way but sex is also a natural part of being an animal. You can preach at people or damn them to hell for sinning but that will only work on some of the population. For those who won’t abstain from sex condoms are the only way most people have of attempting to protect themselves. People are going to have sex, there’s nothing you can do to stop that, but lying to people about the only way they have to protect themselves is in my opinion a bigger sin than sex could ever be.

  • Gonzo

    Sex can wait, MASTURBATE!!!

  • http://christianvoice.org.uk/ Chobbers

    The pope is trying to save them from burning in Hell for all eternity. These poor black folk don’t know how to get to Heaven, they would eat each other if it wasn’t for Jesus. The pope knows how natives should be treated because he can talk to God of course.

  • Mina Tweak

    Yes…listen to the 80 year old virgin.

  • Mina Tweak

    I really hope that’s an April fools joke Chobbers.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/IansBrain Ian

    i'm against the lies that his priests are telling people to get them to not wear condoms. if it's against your religion to not wear condoms then tell them that. don't lie to scare them into doing it. it should be up to their personal religious beliefs and it their faith isn't strong enough to resist the evil of condoms then why is she going to church to begin with?

  • franc

    And what lies are those? The ones I just quoted above? Again, in the eyes of the Catholic church, condoms habilitate sex for pleasure while debilitating sex for procreation – this is the end all be all of the church's policies on contraception.

  • Bradley Kisia

    Come home and see those who are dying … no one is stopping you from having sex, all that is being said is do it responsibly – with your spouse. Where you are not married, then abstain. Is it possible? It was more common in Europe before the Industrial Revolution and the Sex Revolution of the 50s, so I think it is possible to have a majority abstaining.

    This is not preaching, this is what will save us.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/IansBrain Ian

    The fact that you think that people were abstaining in the past is
    ignorant. Sexuality may not have been as obvious back then but people
    were still fucking like rabbits. Do you think abortion was invented in
    the 1960's? Your narrow minded views on personal rights and human
    sexuality are one of the main reasons we still even need to have this
    debate today.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/PeopleAreDUMB PeopleAreDUMB

    So you people are mad that the Pope reaffirmed the rule that condoms should not be used? In case you didn't know he has another rule and that rule is no sex out of wedlock! If you want to follow a religion then you should follow the rules of that religion. The way I see it anyways is people that are about to have sex and are ok with breaking that rule, but then draw the religious line at using a condom are DUMB and I thank the Pope for weeding these people out. I'm a big fan of natural selection.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/IansBrain Ian

    It's not natural selection when they are making their decision on lies
    someone else told them.

  • Kevin

    Exactly, that's why it's fuckin stupid. When your beliefs start hurting others, that's when there's a problem. -_-

  • warren

    In the long run it will just eradicate the in the way people maybe thats not a bad thing sounds cold but when population is double the amount it is at the moment decisions and morals or ethical approaches will def be challenged. No one no matter how righteous they are will not do desperate things in desperate times and these times will be forced upon us if we allow our rights to be compromised..

  • James Smith

    The pope is no different from any other religious person. That is, he's a fool, a liar, and a hypocrite. I mean all three simultaneously, too. What is so bad is that, like most other religious people, he wants to inflict his mental illness on everyone else. By force of law when he can, and by other means when he cannot.

    Most of the problems of the world, are, and always have been, caused by religion. Mankind will never truly be free until the black yoke of religion is lifted by the light of truth and logic.

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