abu_ghraib_bloodSen. Patrick Leahy is calling for an investigation into the “chain of command” the orders to use these torture techniques came from. John McCain is saying we should just put this all behind us. No, sir. We don’t. I don’t care what the circumstances are, America should never torture. Our country was founded because of our founding fathers’ will to be free from a tyrant who tortured and killed people. If we roll over and let the people responsible for this get away with it we will be spitting in the face of every person who wrote the declaration of independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights. I want this whole scandal investigated. From the CIA torture planes to waterboarding detainees to Dick Cheney’s global assassination program I want it looked into. We hanged Japanese officers during WWII for water boarding American soldiers. It’s been illegal for a long time. To all the people protesting their wicked high taxes at tea bagging parties across the country I say this:

Your tax dollars were used to pay for these programs. Your money has and is being spent to break the law and violate people’s basic human rights. Terrorist or doctor, in America we believe that we all have certain unalienable rights. Torture is never a reasonable course of action for a modern democracy. It is what dictators and tyrants resort to when they run out of ideas. Instead of complaining about the “wasteful” stimulus package that was passed by our elected congress simply to help save us from the disaster the Bush Administration gave us as a parting gift you should be angry that your elected officials were knowingly commiting war crimes in your name. The world should look to America as an example for what they should strive for and we have a right to know what exactly was going on with these awful programs that were created supposedly to keep us safe.

Prosecute the people who ordered Americans to torture people. Show us citizens and the world what America really stands for.

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  • http://r10t3r.blogspot.com r10t3r

    I couldn’t agree more. It just goes to show how unquestioned and out of control the previous regime in the US was. I’m actually astonished just thinking about how unacceptable it actually is…

  • jessecluster

    Who cares if some terrorists get tortured. As long as we get some information then it was worth it. It doesn’t matter if that information was made up as long as we can keep torturing other people that are named in that information, eventually with enough made up information we’ll find some real information.

    I have heard all the arguments and, no I don’t care if our carrying out torture against our enemies means that our own troops (WHO I FULLY SUPPORT WITH A STICKER ON MY BUMPER!!!) get tortured when they are captured sometimes.

    • http://www.iansbrain.com Ian

      if i wasn’t so tired right now i’d almost think you were being facetious jesse. :-P

  • http://warcrimesagainstbush.blogspot.com/ Daniel

    If the U.S. has a moral stance in the world, than the U.S. is also not free from the same criticisms we wage on others who deviate from that same moral stance that we uphold.
    The Taliban are the new Native Americans… the U.S. will make another genocide.

  • http://muchedumbre.com/ kelly

    While I think there are many questions that need to be asked and answered, not the least of which is why was Dick Cheney making some of these decisions and where was GWB. I also recognize that not only would an investigation be futile (we all remember the 71 “I don’t know”s from AG Gonzales–or the refusal to answer subpoena with Rove,Myer, and others) but it would rip this country apart.

    there are those in this country that will not believe or even care about any of this because if they do, then Bush might have been wrong.. and since for them, Bush was never wrong.. they will fight to the death to make any investigation out to be a Dem-driven witch-hunt and who cares whether it is justified..


  • Proctor

    If the chain of command is followed, you’ll find Dick Cheney and Dubya at the end. Eventually they authorized it, sanctioned it and denied it. The US came mighty close to a brutal dictatorship and the canceling of the US Constitution with that gang of criminals in the Bush regime.

  • blender

    Of course all this has to be blamed on “W” and the devil himself Cheney.
    I’ll tell you this much, if I could save the lives of my family by torturing the guy who wants to kill them, well, it’s not a pretty choice, but it is an easy one.
    I have not seen an original argument in any of the comments made…its all the same “BUSH BAD” and “Gang of Criminals”.
    Bush/Cheney were as prone to mistakes as any president, not perfect, but historically not the worst either.
    Let’s stop and actually listen to the people responsible for protecting us instead of some bloated glory hog pol who only wants a sound bite.

  • http://politicalcrud.blogspot.com/ Chris

    ‘They do it, so why shouldn’t we?’ is the worst argument. Fighting fire with fire just means that when you defeat the fire, you’re the new fire.

    If we want to get rid of terrorism in the world, we shouldn’t, in turn, become terrorists. That’s a really stupid idea.

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  • jessecluster


    Ummmm, you think I was actually making an argument FOR torture? My friend Ian got it right away.

    You know the people with those stickers on their bumpers could not get as far as I did with the self rationalization process.

    I imagine they get as far as “Ayep, those A-rabs don’t reads them the bible, so if Mr. Bush says its OK to torture them then I’m sure God won’t mind none neither.”

    All apologies to hill folk everywhere if I have disparaged your culture, intelligence or voting preferences.


  • Fran

    Yeah, you did offend me and my culture; you could have made your point better using other words…There are stupid people everywhere…

  • Jl Guy

    You dumbass. Go back to the beginning of our country and you’ll see torture.