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Posted by Ian, filed under Atheism. Date: May 27, 2009, 4:38 pm | 7 Comments »

  • ravious

    More like VIsualize a system of gov not ruled by international bankers.

  • ravious

    But yeah, no religion would be nice too ;)

  • Jack Goff

    Shut up you fucking conspiracy faggot.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/IansBrain Ian

      what conspiracy? think before you post there buddy.

  • Ravious

    Asking a brain dead/washed nationalist to think is as futile as it is dangerous. From the sound of Jack's comment, he seems he's just a step away from wrapping the American flag around his head like a turban, loading up his 4×4 with more drunken god loving hilljacks just like him and going on a week long cousin fucking / infidel killing bender while singing "God Bless America".

    Way to be a Sheep Jack. Your masters are proud of you. You've swallowed their propaganda hook line and sinker.
    Its evident you were never a fan of history when you were in school. Why don't you take a look in a book and read what Hitler did to his country, the staged attacks, the mass propaganda.. All of these things were done to terrorify the public, and con them into supporting the administrations agenda. History repeats itself and if your too ignorant and pigheaded to make the connections, to see what is going on, then you deserve everything you get. The easiest way to enslave a nation is by making them think their free..

  • Ravious

    Jack, there is one thing i dont doubt, and that your just like me, you love your country.. I just hate the people running it. So if you really love your country, you owe is your family, your friends and most of all yourself to learn as much as you can. Learn to not just love in blind faith, but love based upon reality and fact. I challenge you, if you really love your country the way you seem to, watch this video.. Im not asking you to accept it, not asking you to believe it, just asking you to watch it, then decide for yourself. Then after that, if you still feel the way you do.. Then by all means, come back here insult me some more, i'll do the same to you, and we can bicker in ignorance.

    And if you dont want to watch it, you have to atleast ask yourself why.. and the only answer to that is.. Your afraid to know anything you've not been forcefed by the american media…. What do you have to lose?


  • bullcity Mac