It must be im-mail-culate conception.

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  • winslow


  • Bobo


  • wowinz miester

    haha that guy IS god

  • caroline

    that or jesus' half brother is on the way

  • Tyler

    Paternity test will be necessary.

  • anon


  • Duruk

    eheh.. the guy asked for it..

  • The Baldchemist

    It was a "grudge baby"…. someone had it in for him.

  • the Hairybiologist

    the yahoo answer was funny. Your lame-ass caption was not. thumbs down, DB

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/IansBrain Ian

      it's supposed to be lame

  • Pieter

    Thrust in God!!!

  • jorn

    If Yahoo Answers isn't proof we don't need a better education system then I don't know what is.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/IansBrain Ian

      Try reading the user comments on YouTube. It's so bad it's more sad than funny.

  • http://www.itsashirt.com itsashirt

    My wife knows I'm an atheist, so she will not try this…
    Do some tests, find out who God i and let me know.

    • http://www.iansbrain.com Ian

      His name is Doug McBangingyourwife.

  • Jessika B

    I think you have FSH, Flesticle Sufficiency Happiness which occurs once in every 200,000 years. Good luck to you. God said He didn't do it.

  • Kathy

    It's really sad how many people are not even aware of the power prayer has! Too bad for all of you!

    • Eagle 1

      Negative Ghost-Rider, he's shooting blanks, callsign bullshit over.

    • Dave

      Yeah, prayer sure did a lot for the earthquake victims in Haiti last year, the flood victims in Pakistan this year, all the boys diddled by priests in the US and Ireland and the starving in Africa. Prayer sure worked for all of them! Jeez, you religious people are so bloody thick.

  • Get real…

    *Green* The Guy posted this just to get laughs.. He admitted it later…

  • Joe

    !! *Green* The Guy posted this just to get laughs.. He admitted it later…

    • POT-head

      !! *Green* The Guy posted this just to get laughs.. He admitted it later…

  • Splooge McLoadblow

    Steamin' Semen!!!

  • J Merris

    Someone needs to wake up!

  • funny hercules

    LOL, i thought Zeus likes to sleep around with mortals. Even jesus is doing it now.

  • jennybee

    i had three children after i was told i'd have none. i'd like to find that doctor and have him help pay college tuition.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003140787956 Søren Bro

    please mister postman look and see, if there’e a baby, a baby for me….

  • AJG

    Yeah guys, you´re all very funny. However things do happen that can´t be explained, not even with mailmen. Why try to ruin the man´s happiness with your comments rather than congratulate him? Look at yourselves and don´t project your own fears and lack of faith on others.

    • Anonymous

      Realism, my friend.

    • AnriSorel

      The only thing I see that can’t be explained is how people buy into superstition such as this.