Getting Rick Roll’d is way more fun.

America got Dick Rolled

Cheney will also shoot you in the face.

Posted by Ian, filed under Images. Date: December 7, 2009, 12:00 am | 5 Comments »

  • Guest

    lolol… the biggest understatement ever…..

    • jake`

      hahaha this brought a smile to my face, "cheney will also shoot you in the face"

  • http://confessionzero.blogspot.com/ markprime

    Understated indeed, but funny nonetheless…

  • http://www.factopo.com/index/newIndex.php factopo

    Thank goodness this administration has passed. You never know with politicians though, huh

  • X-GI-SigE

    Cheney and Rumsfeld came back from the dead ( earlier administration appointments) once already. I wish they hadn't.
    My friends in Iraq wish they hadn't. Our CEO pals (I call them pals because we lent them money) were psyched that they did. War = money on every continent we've fought on, yes, even our own. A lesson learned that should be forgotten.