Grab your torches and pitchforks and a tent sleeping bag and head to Wall Street in New York on September 17th. It is time our voices are heard. The greed that is destroying our country must be stopped at all costs. Corporations are not people. We are People! Viva la revolution! Follow #occupywallstreet and #USDOR on Twitter for more info.

edit: Setting up a tent on the sidewalk is illegal. It is legal to sleep on the sidewalk as long as you are not blocking pedestrians. Bring a sleeping bag and some rain gear.

September 17th Wall Street

Posted by Ian, filed under Thoughts. Date: August 1, 2011, 4:48 pm | 4 Comments »

  • digitus

    Ian has no brain.

  • Krimea

    Ian you and your collectivist buddies have a lesson to learn there are plenty of capitalist Americans who have no intention of allowing you and your ilk to try the great marxist experiment here so beware.

  • http://kctc.net David Telliho

    Hey , Krimea , gave u a thumbs up ! However this is why we are labeled as terrorist`s. The Communist`s are well schooled in name calling.

  • FightMeIRL

    I think you are a faggot. I personally would attribute this to you being a faggot. Faggot.