The people of Egypt have spoken loudly and clearly. Mubarak must step down immediately and elections must be held. He has said he will wait till September. This was a blatant “fuck you” to the people of Egypt and things might get heated. In case internet filtering and tracking starts becoming widescale I have setup a Tor instruction site just like the one I setup for Iran. Hopefully it won’t be needed but please tell friends and family you know in Egypt how to use it and stay safe. I made the screenshots from the Arabic version of Tor but it would be nice to have the rest of the site translated as well. If you want to help please post a message below. Free Egypt!


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My LG Ally has had the voicemail notofication stuck on for a while and I finally got around to fixing it. It turns out it was cause when I setup Google Voice to handle my voicemail instead of Verizon. I must have gotten a voicemail right around when I activated Google Voice and it went to my Verizon mailbox instead. All I had to do to fix it was disable the voicemail setting in Google Voice erase my Verizon messages and then activate Google Voice again.

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02  Feb

This is a stray cat that was brought in from the cold Iowa winter. He is missing the lower part of is front left leg but he can still get around fine. He hops around on it.

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After an intensive investigation into last years DDOS protests against Visa and Master Card by the internet movement Anonymous the FBI has arrested the author of the novel Go Ask Alice. They say they are closing in on the author of Beowulf and hope to have them in custody soon.

E Pluribus Unum

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26  Jan
Tor and Egypt

Protests have broken out in Egypt and now the authorities there have begun blocking access to social networking sites to disupt communications among the people. Tor can be used to bypass most internet filters but it needs your help to work. First tell any friends and family you may have in Egypt about Tor. Instructions are available on my Tor and the Iranian Election post and here as well. Next consider running a Tor exit node if you have bandwidth to spare. This will make Tor run faster and ensure people who need to use it can. I appologize for only having Persian language screenshots. I will make a new page for Egypt soon.

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My Xbox has been stuck with a moderate NAT and no matter what ports I forwarded it wouldn’t change. Even setting it as the DMZ didn’t work. It turns out all I had to do was disable Upnp and now I have an open NAT. I still have my box in the DMZ.

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24  Jan
CNN Poll Fail

The poll smokers over at CNN are at it again with another unanswerable poll question.

You can’t be bothered to add another choice? Here are a few other possibilities.

1. I’d rather shove a hot soldering iron up my nose.
2. The girl Glenn Beck may or may have not murdered in 1990.
3. The Evil Monkey from Family Guy
4. A 12 gauge deer slug to the face

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I like this song a lot. It makes some really good points about how the Earth is our home and we can’t be relying on faith to save us. Even if global warming doesn’t flood the whole Earth our sun will still die someday. We have to think beyond just what is happening in our life and think about how what we do now will have ripple effects far into the future.

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Around midnight last night I got a noticed that my phone had an update. Instead of being a preupdate download it was actually Froyo. I tried installing the Flash 10.1 beta but it failed. I’m guessing the 600mhz in my Ally is blocked from even trying to run it since they say 800mhz is the minimum. Froyo at last, Froyo at last, thank FSM almighty we have Froyo at last.

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